Record Breaking Lures for the serious competitive angler or weekend fisherman.

Every now and then along comes a lure that stands hooks and split rings above the rest. North Queensland’s own Bumpa Bar is such a lure that has stood the test of time and has proven to be one of the most effective metal lures on today’s market.

Bumpa-bar lures are the versatile metal lures that can be cast, trolled or jigged and there isn't a fish that swims that you can't catch on one, according to Tim Staudinger, better know as Bumpa-Bar Tim (learn more about Tim here).

As with most home-grown lures, the Bumpa Bar story is one of determination, hard work and survival to hold strong in a very competitive market often dominated by cheaper imports.

With simple beginnings the Bumpa Bar has not only found a place in most tackle boxes, but also has dominated the northern sportfishing arena to attract a large and growing following. If high impact, adrenalin pumping, arm breaking, reel-screaming fishing is your cup of tea, then you will love what is now known as Bumpa Barring.

The Bumpa-Bar Range

The Bumpa Bar range has always offered a variety of sizes and weights to accommodate a wide range of species and fishing conditions. All lures are currently offered in your choice of 6 colours and 6 sizes to suit any situation.

What Eats Bumpa-Bars?

Almost everything.
Following is a list of species that have been caught on Bumpa-Bar lures just to name a few:

Mackerel (all)
Tuna (all)
Trevally all)
Black Marlin
Mangrove Jack
Cod (all)
Coral Trout
Red Emperor
Nannygai (all)
Salmon (all)
Wolf Herring
Sooty Grunter
Australian Bass

Colour Range


Bumpa-Bar Advantages

Australian made
Built tough using 316 Stainless
Equipped with heavy duty split rings and hooks
Highly polished finish with top quality prism tape in 6 tried and tested colours
Wide range of sizes and weights
Erratic action that greatly increases strikes
Great value for money
Very effective and exciting way to fish


Fish eat them and don’t always give them back!
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