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It was 1984 in the small central Queensland town of Bowen and shy skinny little 21 year olds belly burned with the fires of ambition. This burning ambition virtually took possession of his daytime thoughts and haunting his dreams at night and slowly but surely ambition became obsession.

An obsession to become one of Australia's best light tackle sports fisherman. Even at 21 he knew to become a champion tournament sports fisherman, using ultralight one and two kilo test tackle, you had to target big fish. As his preferred style of fishing was using lures, he sadly recognised lure losses would be horrendous when targeting huge GT’s and other ferocious pelagics.

Tim had a difficult childhood and had no wealthy parents or relations to help him out money wise so he was faced with the problem of finding a cheaper alternative. One day while fishing with some friends in a similar financial position the idea of making lures out of the ordinary car bumper bar came to light.

Why not cut a lure out from this wrecked bumper bar? It was shinny enough, and heavy enough to get down deep, but would they eat it?

You had better believe it!

Over the last decade Tim Staudinger has been a true blue tournament fisherman winning many fishing titles as well as holding numerous Australian Records. One of his many achievements includes an ANSA grand slam during 2003 consisting of Queensland State Titles, North Queensland Sportfishing Titles and the Townsville Challenge. He is the only angler to have achieved this feat and all on the humble Bumpa Bar.

Tim now lives in Cairns and fishes whenever he can, extensively field testing new innovative ideas as well as fishing for fun. He also takes great pride in educating others into the art of “Bumpa Baring”.

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